Photowalks with the Photo Academy - 3/3/2019

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Recently I have been invited with supporting the guidance of the Photo Academy Photowalks. By now we had done it twice and each time it was a really nice experience and we met really nice people. We will now continue the walks and the next one will hopefully take plac eon the Saturday the 6th of April. This time we will be concentrating on the street photography aspect and long exporures - painting with light. The details will soon be revealed so watch out and hopefully we'll see you there!


Weddings 2018 - Highlights of the year - 1/1/2019

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We had a really busy year and what a pleasure it was to assisst our lovely Newlyweds on their big day! Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to update the full wedding galleries yet but here's a little video with the chosen few for you to enjoy :-)

Winter Wedding - 12/3/2016

The rewarding challenges of working with a newborn baby :-) - 1/6/2015

For a very long time amongst many other types of photography I was fascinated by the beautiful and often very artistic newborn portraiture. On the pictures it looks idyllic and so peaceful - a dream come true :-) What more beautiful can you imagine than a cute little baby dreaming? So my next step was to try that myself. Not very demanding as it would have seem at the beginning it still needed preparation. All the props, clothes, blankets etc. - all the cool stuff ;-) Then I took to internet to check out the advice of professionalists. And I must say there is a lot. Which is good. And even though it does not look extremely easy and effortless it was nowhere near to what this experience really is. The real experience teaches that all the conditions make a HUGE difference. Oh yes. The fact of how old (or in this case - young) the baby is - and the younger the better, as it is more keen to sleep heavily giving you the opportunities to position and pose. Then if the baby was fed, the temperature of the room, the sound in the room, the lightness etc. etc. And of course let's not forget about the role of the parents! This little girls’ parents were simply angels. Very patient and understanding - thank you so much yet again. I think our mutual effort was definitely worth it as we now have those beautiful photos to cherish :-)

Eilish Collage

I have a long way to learn yet to do the portraits I am aiming for and I find each experience gives me more and more and is very joyful each time. I am sure this is always going to be exciting and challenging for me as I set my standards high and look up to the most amazing photographers :-)

Awaker Band in Rebellion Bar, Manchester - 1/24/2015

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IMG 5007 MG 4624

Visiting The Artisan in Manchester - 4/24/2014

Last week on a Friday night we decided to explore our city again a little and eneded up going for a meal to one of the most exciting for us so far kitchen and bar place called The Artisan. We can definitely recommend this place taking under consideration not only the amazing deco, style, music and menu but also the fabulous service. A definite sucess on a night when You want to have a good time! We'll be back!

Artisan Ze Znakiem Male

Cat & Oliver - 2/9/2014

The best day in Cat  & Oliver's life! Congratlations! :D

Cat & Oliver 2

The ceremnony took place in Congleton City Hall at 16:00


Cat & Oliver1

X Close
Listened to our ideas
by Gillian & Jon

We know Agnes from working with her in her ‘day job’ and know how passionate she is about photography. When we were looking for a wedding photographer she seemed the natural choice as she knows us fairly well and we knew that we would work well together. I was right. She and Anita listened to our ideas and respected our wishes that the photos didn’t dominate the flow of the wedding.

They both have a great vision for vibrant photos and they really captured our day perfectly. So many people have commented on how excellent our photos are, they are so colourful and capture everyone very naturally, which is exactly what we wanted.

Eye for the unusual and quirky
by Debbie & Kieron

Agnes and Anita of Olpa Photography are excellent artists. They are extremely passionate in their work and they produce amazing results. They are lovely, friendly and enthusiastic and endeavor to produce the highest quality photographs. They take great pride in their work.


What we particularly like about Agnes and Anita is their eye for the unusual and quirky - they can pick up on something that catches their eye, often naturally occurring, and snap it with the perfect framing and focus. They are really excellent at close-up photography too.


For these reasons we picked Olpa Photography for our wedding on Friday 11th September 2015. Because there are two photographers they captured every moment spectacularly from a variety of angles! They were amazing! We often didn't notice they were there as they are great at being inconspicuous as they wanted us to just enjoy the day without feeling as if we were being intruded upon. They produced an amazing and vast collection of photographs, some posed and some just capturing natural moments. They also setup an 'arch of sparklers' that we walked through which was amazing!


The wedding package is great value and very comprehensive - it includes a pre-wedding shoot (which was, again, amazing), over 1000 photographs on two CDs and a brilliant quality photobook which they designed for us - we just picked our favourites, which was very difficult as we love every photograph! The photobook is of a very high standard and ours is kept in a clasped wooden box to protect it forever! Wonderful!


We would highly recommend Olpa Photography for any special occasion or studio shoot! They are superb! Please look at their portfolio online and you will see what we mean!


Thank you forever Agnes and Anita xxxxx



They were exceptional
by Chris & David

"Agnes and Anita were so amazing, capturing every magical moment of our special day. From getting ready in the morning, throughout the ceremony, wedding breakfast and on into the evening reception, they were exceptional. Their passion for their craft is evident in the quality of the pictures - and everyone who has seen them comments on the quality and the storytelling. They were such an integral part of our special day, I couldn't imagine the day without them. Thank you both C&D xx"

Olpa Photography will fulfill all your dreams
by Brenda Taylor

“It’s your wedding day, your special birthday, anniversary, baby’s christening or any other important event. “I know” you say “we’ll take some photographs to mark the occasion. I can use that cheap video camera we got from Argos and Uncle Fred is a whizz with his trusty Samsung Galaxy”


Do you want memories of your special moments to be blurred, out of focus, sideways or even upside down ???


What you want are colorful, glorious, intimate, personal, sentimental pictures beautifully shot capturing all your precious moments. !!!!


So here’s the answer. Contact Olpa Photography who will fulfill all your dreams.

Agnes and Anita provide a service that goes way beyond any other photographers I have ever met. Their photographs will make you laugh, cry and above all thank God you have had the sense to book them!!!!


A first class service
by Alec and Jo – May 2016

Olpa Photography - Agnes and Anita are a great professional team, together they make you feel relaxed and confident in the run up to the day and on your Wedding day.

They offered us an engagement photo shoot, which is an ideal opportunity to see if you are compatible, it ensures that they get your ideas while also offering you ideas you haven’t thought of.

The results were fabulous photo memories that captured the essence of Alec and I perfectly!

Leading up to the wedding day we met and had various discussions about ideas, what we wanted.  I was able to email them with questions and thoughts which were all promptly answered.

On the day Ag’s and Anita worked tirelessly ensuring every photo opportunity was captured, but without the Bridal Party or guest feeling hassled.

They immortalised the wedding ceremony capturing the guests and the bridal party’s reactions, and followed on with the, speeches and the all-important first dance.

They also provided a photo-booth area which was a great success with family friends and provided a fun filled end to the party atmosphere that we had wanted.

They got a small selection of photos to us the very next day, which was a great as we could see how fabulous the photos were going to be.

We went to their studio space to view the photos and were then given a USB stick with all our photos, in a fabulous keepsake box.  We were also able to share the link to the website and Gallery so all out family and friends could see and choose their favourites.

A first class service from two caring professionals who just do their upmost to ensure your occasion is captured in the best possible way.



by Stephen Power

Many congratulations on completing the advanced module in Successful Wedding Photography with The Photography Agnes. You are showing good skills in that field and I hope you found the information in the course useful. Many congratulations and keep up the good work. Stephen Power (tutor)

Very good work
by Gary Wallis

Very good work Agnes, I am pleased to have worked with you as your tutor for the Professional Photography Course from The Photography Institute. You have shown yourself to be a very good versatile photographer producing great work in many genres. The pictures are technically strong and I am sure that you will do very well. Good luck

The photos were brilliant
by Magdalena Turner

I would like to recommend Agnes as a photographer and share my experience of her services during our wedding. She provided us with two days of shooting during our wedding day and a day-after photo session. The photos were brilliant and her warming personality really helped us feel relaxed and happy!